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You can be pro-life and still think rape is one of the worst crimes imaginable.

You can be pro-life and still believe in birth control.

You can be pro-life and vegan.

You can be pro-life and an atheist, Jew, Muslim, Pagan, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Daoist, Shinto, agnostic, etc.

You can be pro-life and a liberal.

You can be pro-life and still believe in social assistance or socialism.

You can be pro-life and foster and adopt.

You can be pro-life and decide to have no children.

You can be pro-life and a feminist.

You can be pro-life and anti-war or anti-death penalty (in fact I sure hope you are!).

You can be pro-life and queer.

You can be pro-life and support equal rights for women, people with disabilities, people of all nationalities and ethnicities, gender and sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation.

Being pro-life is a human rights issue. We don’t need to separate those into political or religious boxes. Whatever your other beliefs, I will stand with you against the killing of anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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UK May Criminalize “Rape Pornography” →


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In an important move, the UK Joint Committee on Human Rights is looking to extend the definition of extreme pornography to include “rape and other non-consensual sexual penetration.” The Committee stated they acknowledge the cultural harm perpetrated by the material. We ask you to…

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Sometimes deals are made, for example in Kerala State, India, where social workers had to obtain permission from brothel pimps to hand out condoms. In exchange, the social workers agreed to ignore the presence of prostituted children and not to advocate escape from prostitution by informing the women about available services (Friedman, 1996).

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Prostitution and Protection.

power where the woman in prostitution does not have the physi
cal or economic power to refuse him. Eighty-nine percent of
Canadian customers of prostitutes refused condoms in one study
(Cunningham & Christensen, 2001). Because customers paid
more money for not using condoms, extremely risky sex acts “can
always be purchased” (Loff, Overs, & Longo, 2003). In another
study, 47% of women in U.S. prostitution stated that men
expected sex without a condom, 73% reported that men offered to
pay more for sex without a condom, and 45% of women said that
men became abusive if they insisted that men use condoms (Ray
mond, Hughes, et al., 2001). “It’s ‘regulation’ to wear a condom at
the sauna, but negotiable between parties on the side. Most guys
expected blowjobs without a condom” (Raymond et al., 2001,
p. 72).
In public health circles it is still assumed that the health conse-
quences of prostitution are primarily STD- or HIV-related and
that male condom use will solve the overall health problems of
prostituted women (Hsu & du Guerny, 2002; Wolffers & van
Beelen, 2003). Yet in 2003, the AIDS Epidemiology Group at Otago
University reported no association between HIV/AIDS and pros-
titution in New Zealand (Coney, 2003). Many now understand
that women in prostitution will do everything they can to avoid
HIV and other STDs. When not physically prevented from using
male condoms and when female condoms are made available,
women in prostitution use barrier methods of protection from
STD and HIV. Proponents of legalization/decriminalization
rarely mention that the woman in prostitution is most often
infected by the john, not because she deliberately avoids con
doms, but because he raped her without a condom or because he
persuaded or coerced her by paying her much more for sex acts
without a condom.
A UN/AIDS and WHO campaign in Thailand began in the late
1980s to ensure 100% condom use. (In prostitution, 100% condom
use is an oxymoron.) According to women in prostitution, under
this policy they suffered the same social contempt as always but
with additional coercive tactics such as being taken to clinics for
health checks under police or military escort. The campaign
humiliated women by posting their photographs in brothels so
that johns could inform pimps which of the women had agreed to have sex without a condom (Loff et al., 2003). Johns’ culpability
for their own failure to use condoms was ignored.

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"Angie’s memories of chronic sexual abuse returned only after she had stopped prostitution. Until that time, the memories of childhood abuse were completely split off from her normal consciousness. Later, she met a supportive friend and took a class in which she began to write about her life. At this point, memories of the sexual abuse surfaced. For a time, she felt that she had betrayed other women by her previous advocacy of prostitution as a glamorous career choice."
- Carolyn Gage

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Prostitution and relationships.

At work, what my hands find when they touch my body is “prod uct.” Away from work, my body has continuity, integrity. Last night, lying in bed after work, I touched my belly, my breasts. They felt like Capri’s [her peep show name] and they refused to switch back. When [her partner] kissed me I inadvertently shrunk from his touch. Shocked, we both jerked away and stared at each other. Somehow the glass had dissolved, and he had become one of them. (p. 32)
- Funari, 1997

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Not all abuse is physical.

88% of 315 prostituting women and adolescents in Canada, Colombia, and Mexico described verbal abuse as intrinsic to prostitution (Farley et al., 2003).

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A U.S. physician who worked for a clinic that provided health
care to migrant workers said, “The first time I went to the camps I
didn’t vomit only because I had nothing in my stomach. It was
truly grotesque and unimaginable” (Hernandez, 2003). Many of
the girls were 9 or 10 years old. On one occasion, the physician
counted 35 men paying to rape a girl during a single hour. After
she reported the girls’ sexual assaults in prostitution, the physi-
cian was instructed by U.S. public health officials that prostitution
was not a migrant health concern. Advised by her superiors to
work with the pimps, she limited her practice to “prevent[ing]
HIV/AIDS and other venereal diseases in the exploited minor
girls” (Hernandez, 2003). It is frankly criminal to address only
STD/HIV and to ignore child and adolescent physical abuse,
rape, kidnapping, trafficking, and child prostitution. Yet in public
health clinics and STD/HIV clinics, this tunnel vision is the rule
rather than the exception.

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Hilariously written with lines like, ”I drove two hours for you. My. Cock. Is. Hard. What are you going to do about it?” and “He begged to experience me.” Paint by the numbers article is cute but likely manufactured. Just check out the alleged marks he left. She expects readers to buy those obvious self-inflicted wounds? I’m sure there are men’s rights advocates that are in fact assholes out there but this is just comical, touching on almost every caricature feminists draw up about them. [source]

Best yet is it was on that shit hole of a site, worse than jezebel, xojane and written by “anonymous” who did not report it to the police lmao. Comments were even better. People who doubted the article were silenced.

TW: Rape

Hold on for a sec. I’m gonna back up and hope none of my followers posted this, because I WILL hold the person I’m reblogging this from accountable. I don’t care that you’re 15, this is the perfect time to learn a fucking lesson.

When someone says they’ve been sexually assaulted, your first response shouldn’t be to fact check. The first response should be “how can I help you”. You should be asking about the persons well being, ask if they’ve received any counseling for the situation.

Take it from a rape survivor. It’s absolutely understandable that someone would want to be anonymous. I’m terrified as hell of my rapist, and he still has the material he used to blackmail me into meeting him. I haven’t told the police because the legal system wouldn’t be on my side. I have no evidence. My memories are fuzzy, but not too fuzzy to remember that I told him no before he violated me vaginally, orally, and anally.

Tldr; How fucking date you jump to the conclusions that this person wasn’t raped. How. Fucking. Dare. You.

Go read the fuckin’ article you dense cunt. It says nothing about them being raped. But of course, you’ll say “BUT IF MAN LAY HAND ON WOMAN IS RAPE” like some sort of deluded shitstain.

Non consensual sexual advances or contact is rape.

If he tried to feel her up when she said no, that’s sexual assault.

But thanks for your kind words, good sir. I’m sure you win all sorts of debates that way.

Just so everyone knows the latest comment is the one I’m reblogging.  :)

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